What to do if paper from the set is over?
Solution: Every 80g printer paper is suitable for transferring an Ebru painting from water.
What to do if paint doesn't "open up" on the water, but drowns or remains on the surface in a very small circle?
Solution: If the paint does not flow into a circle,
then the thickener turned out to be very strong (thick), it can be balanced by diluting with a small amount of ordinary water (50-70 ml. directly in the tray), then stir and try again to apply the paint. When the solution becomes lighter / thinner, the paint will easily open into a circle with a diameter of 3-5 cm.
What to do if the paint is smeared
when transferring a painting from the water?
Solution 1: A large amount of paint on water gives this result, reduce the intensity of the paint application and the problem will disappear.
Solution 2: The paint can smudge due to a strong solution, when it cannot fully open into a circle, so you just need to make the thickener a little more liquid, see the answer to question number 2.
What to do if the drawing on the water
is pale?
Solution: Do not be afraid to take more paint on the brush and skewer, and also stir the paint in the drawing process, as they can delaminate, and the pigment settles at the very bottom of the jar.